In-House Sheet Metal

When your company is in need of commercial HVAC services, many times there are multiple vendors involved in the processes which can break down the efficiency and effectiveness of the end result of your fabrication and installation. Hamm Mechanical provides single-source responsibility, which in turn means no double markup. Hamm operates with two foremen on a job - one dedicated to plumbing and one to sheet metal. The collaboration and coordination is seamless with the turn-key project in-house. Our skilled team is able to provide this turn-key service from site survey to fabrication and installation with a level of qualify control that others in the industry can't offer.

Project Coordination

Contractors and owners no longer need to worry about coordinating the work of the plumbers, pipefitters and sheet metal workers. On a Hamm Mechanical job site, the installers are all on the same team and arguments about whose work takes priority never takes place.

Project Costs

Using Hamm Mechanical eliminates the double mark-ups typical of our competitors who subcontract out their sheet metal work. This can be a very significant additional cost, and it is NEVER a factor in Hamm Mechanical bids.

Sheet Metal Advantage

Why Hamm Mechanical Sheet Metal Makes a Difference

In short, commercial spaces vary drastically, and if companies are forced to use prefabricated ducting, they lower the effectiveness of any HVAC unit. Custom-designed sheet metal in the HVAC industry helps guarantee a material that provides both a tighter fit that is resistant to leaking and inefficient air flow, as well as the durability of a material that is strong and ideal for the diversity of applications required in air flow and drainage management. From high traffic environments to extreme temperatures, sheet metal is ideal for withstanding the elements, but it can be costly. Hamm Mechanical is able to provide savings on customer jobs with the in-house fabrication of sheet metal needs. High-tech equipment and specially trained operators fabricate to specification, stamping requirements and even complex shapes.

Benefits to In-House Fabrication

When ducts are customized to fit the commercial specifications, there are tremendous benefits:

1) More Energy-efficient HVAC systems – prefabricated duct sections can cause unnecessary bends and turns putting pressure on the heating and cooling system. Custom fit optimizes airflow and places less pressure on the system.

2) Improved Air Balance – uneven cooling and heating pressure HVAC units. Custom fabricated sheet metal ducts help prevent hot and cold spots in the commercial space.

3) Assuring Proper Ventilation – prefabricated duct sections can expose the environment to harmful particles. Custom fabricated sheet metal ducts prevent this infiltration and even aids conditioning the air atmosphere.